All living things have a life cycle. Students learn to identify different stages of marine life cycles. > Download PDF


Activity 1: Piece Out!

Many plants, including seagrass, grow from seeds, sprout, produce their own seeds, and die.


Activity 2: Many Mini Me's

Algae reproduces in many ways, including fragmentation or spores.


Activity 3: Corals, Of Course

Corals start as eggs, grow into colonies, and die.


Activity 4: Seal The Deal

Monk seals have hidden eggs and young that look like small adults.


Activity 5: Turtle Tales

Turtles hatch from eggs on beaches then live in the deep sea.


Activity 6: Egg-Cellent Start

Nearly all animals start their life cycle from an egg


Activity 7: Out Of Egg

Eggs hatch into larvae, which look different from their future juvenile form.


Activity 8: Genuine Juveniles

Larvae metamorphose into juveniles, which look similar to their adult form.


Activity 9: Ebb and Flow

All consumers have life cycles ending with death. 


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