All living things defend themselves against predators. Students learn structures used for this function. > Download PDF


Activity 1: Won't Eat That!

Producers defend against herbivores.


Activity 2: En Guard!

Consumers defend themselves and their territories.


Activity 3: Peek-A-Boo!

Fish defensive structures include ballooining and hiding.


Activity 4: I'll Sting You

Corals use nematocysts against predators and other coral.


Activity 5: Vanished!

Octopuses defend themselves in many different ways.


Activity 6: Painful Pinchers

Crabs have powerful claws to scare off predators.


Activity 7: Shielding Shell

A turtle’s main defense is its body armor shell.


Activity 8: Beware Of Seal!

Monk seals warn predators away through sounds and their threatening posture.


Activity 9: Painfully Prickly

Spines protect sea urchins and sea stars.


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