All living things breathe! Students learn about structures producers and consumers use to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. They also learn how producers and consumers depend on each other in this exchange. > Download PDF


Activity 1: In-Out-In-Out

Producers take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen through breathing structures.


Activity 2: Out-In-Out-In

Consumers inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide with their breathing structures.


Activity 3: Gulp! Gasp! Gills!

Fish pass water across their gills to pull out oxygen.


Activity 4: Oxygen Snatchers

Octopuses and crabs breathe through hidden gills.


Activity 5: Fanciful Filters

Seals and turtles breathe using lungs.


Activity 6: Hold Your Breath!

Corals absorb oxygen and releases carbon dioxide through their outer layer.


Activity 7: Your Feet Smell!

Sea urchins and sea stars breathe through tube feet.


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