Navigators developed and improved tools to help them find their way. Students learn how people have invented tools throughout history to fulfill needs. They also learn the need to continue to improve tools. Advances made in navigation often carry over to other areas of society. > Download PDF


Activity 1: Compass Capers

Navigators use four main directions to know which way to go.


Activity 2: Latitude Atitude

Latitude lines run horizontally around the globe.


Activity 3: X Marks The Spot.

Navigators developed tools to find their latitude.


Activity 4: Along Those Lines.

Longitude lines run vertically a globe and cross latitude lines.


Activity 5: Prime Time Points

Navigators measure longitude using time.


Activity 6: Ma-a-a-arvelous-Ars

Modern navigation uses tools such as sonar, lidar, radar, and satellites.


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