Starlight, moonlight, and the Moon’s gravity greatly affect Earth. Students learn the importance of observing patterns and asking questions about patterns. They also learn celestial objects can cause observable changes on Earth. > Download PDF


Activity 1: Star Light, Star Bright

Constellations are patterns of stars visible in the night sky.


Activity 2: Moon At Night

The moon does not shine on its own. Instead, it bounces back the sun’s light.


Activity 3: Waxin' And Waning

The moon goes through eight main phases as it revolves around Earth.


Activity 4: Follow The Light

Marine critters rely on the moon and stars to provide guiding light and reproduction cues.


Activity 5: Stop Pulling Me!

During high tide, sea level rises and covers more of the beach. At low tide, the opposite occures.


Activity 6: Stop Bunching Me!

Gravity from the moon and sun pull on Earth’s water to create tides.


Activity 7: Bunchin' Around

Centrifugal force causes high tide on the opposite side of Earth from the moon.


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