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Unit 4: Explore! From Sky to Sea

  • Lesson 1: Sun

    All living things on Earth depend on the sun. Students learn the sun provides light and warmth. This lesson introduces how we observe the sun’s influence indirectly through photosynthesis, wind, and waves.
  • Lesson 2: Earth

    We sense the Earth’s movements through space as changes in day and night and as seasons. Students learn the Earth’s movements affect them in daily life. Students also compare and contrast time and seasons in Hawaii to other places on Earth.
  • Lesson 3: Moon & Stars

    Starlight, moonlight, and the Moon’s gravity greatly affect Earth. Students learn the importance of observing patterns and asking questions about patterns. They also learn celestial objects can cause observable changes on Earth.
  • Lesson 4: Human Exploration

    Navigators developed and improved tools to help them find their way. Students learn how people have invented tools throughout history to fulfill needs. They also learn the need to continue to improve tools. Advances made in navigation often carry over to other areas of society.
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