There are many different habitats within an ecosystem. Students learn how to sort different habitats and what animals need from a habitat. They also learn more about living spaces and producers of three specific marine habitats in hawaii to prepare them to learn about the animals in those habitats. > Download PDF


Activity 1: Happenin' Hale

Habitats are creature neighborhoods providing food, shelter, and space.


Activity 2: Rockin' By The Sea

Lava rock forms the shelter in tide pools.


Activity 3: Get A Grip

Turf algae are the main producers in tide pools.


Activity 4: Coral Castles

Tiny coral polyps build huge coral reefs near the shores of tropical areas.


Activity 5: Reef Restaurants

Macro algae are the main producers in a coral reef.


Activity 6: Life In The Meadows

Halimeda meadows are another type of habitat found in Hawaii’s tropical marine habitat.


Activity 7: Hello Halimeda

Halimeda algae are both shelter and producer in Halimeda meadows.


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