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Unit 2: Water! From Waves to Weather

  • Lesson 1: Wave Energy

    Waves carry energy - not matter. Students learn the basic properties of waves. They also learn how wave energy affects them every day through sound. Students apply this knowledge to animals in the ocean, learning how they communicate in their environment.
  • Lesson 2: Heat Energy

    Heat energy makes molecules move faster. Students learn to explain heat energy observed everyday on a molecular basis. They also learn ways in which heat energy moves from warmer objects to cooler ones.
  • Lesson 3: Water Cycle

    Water cycles continuously between land, water, and the air in a process called the water cycle. Students learn various states of water, as well as how water changes between stages.
  • Lesson 4: Weather Matters

    Weather forms from interactions between the sun, air, and water. Students learn to apply what they have learned about molecules to their everyday experience with weather. They also learn how meteorologists monitor weather.
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