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Written by Pam Fujii   
Friday, 17 May 2013 19:00

BWET: Mahalo nui loa to  Malama Maunalua for hosting an algae removal for the KSBE seventh grade teachers and students, Lunalilo Home kupuna, doctors and caregivers. My husband and I, along with the uncles from the west side arrived early to set up the limu display table. Lucky we found parking on the small busy street. A most beautiful day for student and teachers to enjoy the ocean, learn about our native and alien algae, meet and learn from our kupuna and help remove alien alga from the Paiko area. Students were polite, respectful, considerate, attentive and well-mannered to the kupuna and volunteers. Students asked to taste the native limus from Uncle’s display and enjoyed it. It was heartwarming to see students bond with the kupuna, making limu lei together. A kupuna from Molokai who speaks fluent Hawaiian gave a pule (prayer) but before she did, explained that in her day prayer was the beginning and ending of all tasks. “If we go beach we pray before we go in the water to ask Ke Akua watch over us, no get hurt, if we fish, ask Ke Akua permission for fish, if you catch say pray of thanks, when we get out the water, pray again, the day and everything in it belong to Ke Akua”.. once in a lifetime experience with the kupuna from Lunalilo Home.

Pam Fujii

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