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Kawaikui Beach Park
Written by Pam Fujii   
Friday, 26 April 2013 19:00

Mahalo nui loa to  East Side High School teacher and the Voyaging students for hosting a great field trip for the elementary fourth grade classes at Kawaikui Beach Park. Teachers, students (125) and volunteers. Everyone had a fun,enjoyable, learning experience in the sun. Teachers could see the value of this outdoor experience as students connected, engaged with the high school students at each station. Students learned limu identification from the two west side uncles, learned to use ZOOMYs (hand held digital microscopes), learned limu braiding with a Kumu from Maui, learned transects, learned to make kites, and learned about the Kawakui spring waters, learned to sort and weigh limu. On this field trip the high school students were the TEACHERS. They welcomed the elementary students, kept each station flowing and on schedule, improvised with olelo stories, easy fun games, sang Hawaiian mele, helped the elementary students with their kits, answered any and all questions from the elementary students. The elementary teachers were thankful, appreciative, grateful and impressed with the East Side High School students. The teacher thanked all the volunteers with kukui leis. The bond between high school and elementary students was MAGIC. Unforgettable moments...

Pam Fujii

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